Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery

79095 Road 33E (Dundee-Road) Garson Manitoba


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Plot Fees

  • Single Plot $500.00 Plus perpetual care $300.00 total $800.00
  • Urn on existing sight $250.00 per urn (no perpetual care) total  $250.00                            

The maximum number of interments in a lot is one casket and two urns or, where no casket interment has taken place, three urns containing cremated remains. Urns not allowed at foot of the grave. Internment to be done by the funeral home or properly qualified person

Other Fees

Church and Priest for funeral        $300.00 (Set by Saint-Boniface Archdiocese)

***Perpetual care and an administration fee to be paid at the time of the funeral

The above does not include “Interment Fee”            “the charges for the opening and closing of a lot, cremated remains lot, crypt or niche, use of lowering device, grave linings, earth cover, and other necessary services”.


Liners are mandatory

Full burial Preparation contractors:

Barry Schmitke          268-4247   Beausejour

John Matson               482-6628   East Selkirk

**Prices subject to change

A parish is not allowed to charge a different amount to members of the church as opposed to the general public. This is not a diocesan directive but a directive from the Canada Revenue Agency for charities. The reasoning is that a person making a free-will donation to a parish makes a donation without benefit to themselves and with no strings attached. If because of a donation that individual makes to your parish, he gets a monetary advantage (ie reduced fee at burial) then that is not legal/allowed by CRA. Hence, there needs to be one price list for everyone regardless of whether they are a parishioner or someone from the general public.